Rahma Pinky on why she tattoos her body

May 31, 2023

Former Team No Sleep musician Rahma Pinky has revealed reasons why she has got so many tattoos on her body.

She said most of those tattoos are a remind of the hard times she goes through that usually cause her so much pain.

Rahma Pinky became a celebrity last year 2022 but before she even became one she already lived a celebrity life.

She had an old rich man who was trying to date her and marry her. Although she ran from the introduction ceremony, she had already achieved so many materia things from that man.

And when she was introduced to the celebrity life, almost everything was normal to her. She already had tattoos on her body like some celebrities.

According to Rahma Pinky, she doesn’t put tattoos on her body anyhow. Each one of them has a meaning and a very deep meaning.

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She said when she goes through hard times, one way to overcome it is to tattoo something on her body that will make her put the pain behind her back.

Rahma Pinky said she feels so good after tattooing her body and that’s why she respects each one of them.

“Whenever I experience a lot of pain, I tend to get tattoos on my body because it helps me find solace in the midst of it,”.- Pinky