Peng Peng Tears Don Zella With Abuses After Demanding For Apology | VIDEO

July 9, 2022
Peng Peng

Peng Peng

Sweden-based blogger, Raymond Mutumba aka Peng Peng left his followers on ‘Entandalo’ whispering after he gave US-based socialite, Don Zella level.

Last month, Don Zella reignited her beef with NUP fanatic, Sarah Joy Bakanansa after the latter conducted an interview with YouTuber, Farouk Sarkozy.

Sarah Joy said she parted ways with Don Zella after realising she had no focus and her friendship was adding nothing to her.

Don Zella ranted and warned Sarah Joy to stop mentioning her name and leave her alone.

Peng Peng as a schemer dived into the debate and invited them on his Live Facebook broadcast ‘Entandalo’.

Peng Peng

Don Zella told Sarah Joy that she is not her class, showing off papers that she owns a house in the USA. Sarah Joy staked money and insisted the house documents Don Zella showed off are located in Michigan and not Las Vegas where she lives now.

Sarah Joy even shared the name of the person that actually owns the property Don Zella showed off.

Since then Don Zella disappeared until yesterday when MC Richie was blasting her as he backed Sarah Joy.

Don Zella joined Peng Peng’s Facebook Live broadcast and demanded that before she talks to him, he must issue an apology for hosting people that abused her children.

Peng Peng told her he did not abuse her children and wasn’t going to apologise before hurling abuses at her. He also warned her never to repeat such.

Watch Peng Peng and Don Zella below: