Pastor Kakande gifts Kadongo Kamu singer Fred Ssebata with Ugx 15M (Video)

April 27, 2023

Pastor Kakande has blessed struggling Kadongo Kamu singer Fred Ssebata with huge sums of money Ugx15 Million during the church service.

Kakande is one of the oldest pastors in Uganda and he is known of performing very many unbelievable miracles.

So many people from different countries fly to Uganda to just get to his church to be prayed for and find healing.

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Even different celebrities in Uganda go their for prayers but most of them don’t appear on camera to keep their image and brands.

For Fred Ssebata with his old age, hr has nothing to lose appearing on camera as he is being prayed for.

Pastor Kakande told him that having a talent that other people don’t have should be the reason for him to come to church and thank the Lord.

He even talked to him about his personal life of his daughter who doesn’t respect him. Kakande said he shouldn’t mind about that everything going to be fine.

He gave him money worth Ugx15 Million telling him to go and start up something for his life to change it for the better.

Here is the video;