No more wrangles! Azawi, Ray G finally resolve their issues

January 4, 2024

Ugandan musicians Azawi and Ray G no longer have beef against each other like they showed up on social media.

The two finally met one on one and resolved the small issues they had that had just escalated into something big in a short period of time.

Azawi and Ray G don’t have a history together. They are artistes from different parts of the country that even so different kind of music.

The two met at an event last month where they were both supposed to perform but they didn’t come to an agreement on who to perform before the other.

Azawi claims that she was supposed to go on stage to perform as her music was playing, Ray G got on stage to perform before her.

As angry as she was, she also pulled off Ray G and that’s how it went ugly yet it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

Eddy Kenzo to investigate Azawi and Ray G’s fight in Mbarara

After leaving the event, Azawi posted on her social media platforms demanding an apology from Ray G saying she was so much disrepected and it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

With the talks from the president of musicians Eddy Kenzo, the latter agreed to meet up and harsh out their issues and move on without any grudge.