NO.4! Daddy Andre Grabbed And Threw Me On Bed, He Wanted To Rape Me – Belgian -Based Cameroonian Singer Claims – WATCH VIDEO

March 28, 2020

As Daddy Andre is still battling with sexual harassment allegations, a fourth female artiste, Favour Manyor aka Ayahnash has also come out to pin the multi-talented songwriter, singer and producer.

Ayahnash, a Belgian-based Cameroonian singer says Daddy Andre almost raped her when she jetted in Uganda to record her music in 2018.

While appearing on NBS ‘UnCut’, Ayahnash said that when she was at Daddy Andre’s studio recording her song, she asked him where to ease herself, on returning from the bathroom, she found a ‘a big and pumped up’ Andre standing in the bedroom waiting for her.

She asked how long he was there peeping at her, the impatient Andre started bad touches, grabbed her and threw her on bed as he told her which lotion does she use on her skin.

In order to convince her to swallow his ‘angry whopper’, Daddy Andre told her “I want to marry you Mzungu’, You are so beautiful, you have a nice skin, which lotion do you use”.


Ayahnash said she was so angry and told Daddy Andre that’s not what she came for and managed to fight him off and his ‘angry whopper’.

She says this wasn’t the first time. Andre had bad touched her days before, but she reprimanded him and told him she was only after business nor pleasure.

The “Sumanguru” singer says she has  evidence of WhatsApp chats and revealed that Andre refused to give her her song even after paying him.

Ayahnash becomes the fourth female artiste to pin Daddy Andre after J Pafra, Nadia Rania and Amber Christ.

Click on the link below to watch Ayahnash narrates how she escaped Daddy Andre: