Grenade’s Boo, Zari Boasts Of Her Riches, Blasts Haters As She Enjoys Coronavirus Quarantine – WATCH VIDEO

March 28, 2020


Zari Hassan has blasted haters who track and criticize her life to cut her some slack!

Zari who was chilling in bed, told haters that she has a lot of words and little work since she is in Coronavirus quarantine.

She says she made her money and produced at a young age and reminded haters that this is the life she has to live.


“I have good houses, nice cars, but you be there criticizing me on social media, you want to see me in gardens as your mums?, am not that grade, i live like a boss lady”, Zari said.

Zari says some of the people will be depressed during quarantine but reminded haters she did not invite them to like her socials and told them to hit unfollow button if they are tired of her life.

Watch the video below:

Zari who parted ways with King bae, is romoured to be dating Grenade as the two have been spotted together enjoying life.

Grenade’s Instagram id occupied by Zari’s pictures and videos since he kissed the Boss Lady’s brown cheeks.