Ninah Pins 15-Inch Gololo Champ Andrew Kabuura For Munching Two Babes

September 13, 2021
Andrew Kabuura

Andrew Kabuura

A babe by pseudo name of Ninah has alleged that 15-inch Gologo champ Andrew Kabuura aka Ndugu munched two more babes behind Flavia Tumusiime’s back.

In a WhatsApp chat making rounds on social media, Nina alleges that Kabuura munched Sheilah Nduhukire and she saw him with another babe at Mestil hotel in Nsambya.

Andrew Kabuura

Nina claims that Kabuura and Nduhukire would even show it in public and referred netizens to check comments from the gologo king on Nduhukire’s old photos.

That guy had a fling with Sheilah Nduhukire. They were always fl*rting with each other even in public. If you want proof, go to Sheilah’s Instagram account and check her old posts. Andrew Kabuura always commented on her posts in a fl*rty way. Wabula ogwo gu guy gwenzi. Me and her husband once spotted her at Mestif with another girl.” Ninah bitterly said.

Nina claims

Since yesterday’s drama where Kabuura’s WhatsApp chats with Mercy Twinomujuni leaked, netizens have not ceased fire, more and more claims against sports journalist are making rounds on the internet.

Kabuura’s snack, Mercy Twinomujuni

We have tried to relocate Ndugu in vain but what we are sure of he must be in big big trouble. Flavia Tumusiime must have already made a big decision about their future.

Yesterday, Sheebah karungi publicly branded Kabuura disgusting for swimming in illegal waters as she leaped to Flavia Tumusiime’s defense. This was after some unruly netizens had started blaming Flavia for the hubby’s illegal eating habit.

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