How 15-Inch Gologo Champ Andrew Kabuura Cornered Mercy And Ate Her Into Pieces

September 12, 2021
Andrew Kabuura and Mercy Twinomujuni

Andrew Kabuura and Mercy Twinomujuni

Internet is buzzing after screenshot chats between sports journalist, Andrew kabuura and his side dish, Mercy Twinomujuni leaked.

Andrew Kabuura legalised the shafting business with Flavia Tumusiime in January 2019.

Despite having ‘meat’ at home, Kabuura never ditched his old life, he wanted to keep swimming in illegal slippery ponds.

Last year’s festive season found Kabuura in France and we believe, Mercy could have landed him a deal since she is allegedly working with French Embassy.

Mercy Twinomujuni

Kabuura and Mercy are both married but decided to experiment what their partners don’t offer.

From the screenshots, there is no way Mercy could have survived the 15-inch champion, Kabuura.

He kept bombarding her with hot messages on WhatsApp, leaving her no space to breathe. From the chats, the pair would even exchange dirty messages while at their places of work.

Andrew Kabuura

From one of the screenshots, Kabuura sent his 15-inch sugar cane to Mercy and she also returned the favour by sharing her ‘thighland’ photos.

From the screenshots we are going to share, it seems the love birds were chewing themselves raw and we doubt if they were having fun with their partners. Their game was on another level.

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