New NRM Signee, Ashburg Katto Spills More Dirt About Bobi Wine, Claims Most Youth In People Power Are Not Happy With Fadha

May 20, 2020

Yesterday, Bobi Wine’s righthand man, Ashburg Katto confirmed quitting People Power after photos of him with president Museveni leaked on social media.

Ashburg who was among the founders of People Power, first showed signs of joining NRM when screenshots leaked negotiating to meet the NRM bosses.

He also shocked the People Power diehards when he took to social media and pleaded with NRM mobiliser, Balaam Barugahara to bail out bloggers with food which the events promoter did.

Ashburg posted on his Facebook page a message appreciating the first Son, Lt. Gen Muhoozi for donating food to all the bloggers in Uganda.

As the People Power diehards continue attacking him for betraying them, Ashburg has also started spilling more dirt about Bobi Wine.

According to Ashburg, Bobi Wine was giving them nothing apart from posting their pictures, allowing them taking pictures with him and his family.

L-R: Ashburg Katto, president Museveni, Ray Supasta; Behind is Balaam

He claims most guys in People Power and Firebase Army are not happy with Bobi Wine saying he used to make them cheap parties at One Love Beach, Busabala by slaughtering one cow.

He has challenged any person in People Power to come out and show what Bobi Wine has ever done for them.

Ashburg says he doesn’t want to spill more dirt about People Power.

Read Ashburg Katto’s outburst below: