Never take photos of my dead body – Bad Black tells fans

May 8, 2023

Socialite and professional prostitute Bad Black real name Namuyimbwa Shanita has asked her fans to never take photos of her dead body.

She said she doesn’t want to look ugly in the photos even after her death. Those permitted to take photos are those ones willing to use Snapchat.

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Bad Black made this statement after the death of Isma Olaxess who was shot dead by unknown gun men on Saturday.

The first responders took photos and videos of the dead body of Isma Olaxess. Obviously the photos were very disturbing in that he was full of blood something Bad Black doesn’t want for herself.

According to Bad Black, she spent her time and money working on her beauty by bleaching and doing a plastic nose to look beautiful.

She said she wants that beauty to still be their even after death that’s why she doesn’t want people to take photos of her while dead because she will be looking different.

“I don’t want people to take photos of my dead body after my death. I have worked so hard to look the way I do look. When photos are taken they will not be looking as good as I do physically. Only those willing to use Snapchat should be the ones to take my photos but others shouldn’t ,” Bad Black said.

Bad Black is one of the people that are proud of bleaching and being a prostitute despite being a mother of four children.