NEED ANOTHER PUNCH? Motor-Mouthed Kasuku Attacks Eddy Kenzo Again

February 11, 2020

In September 2014, Edrisa Musuuza a.k.a Eddy Kenzo rained punches on Dembe FM presenter, Isaac Katende a.k.a Kasuku a.k.a Kuku Wazabanga during a press conference at Centenary Park for bad mouthing him. 6 years gone, it seems Kasuku has forgotten about the punches and has started attacking Kenzo again.

Kenzo beating up Kasuku

This time the controversial Dembe FM presenter has discredited the Big Talent Music Group CEO by claiming he was gifted “Semyekozo” song by producer Ronnie.

During last weekend’s ‘Talk and Talk’ show on 93.3KFM, Kasuku said Producer Ronnie did the donkey work claiming he wrote the song, did vocals and later spoon fed it to Kenzo.

“Yes Producer Ronnie should be credited for the ‘Ssemyekozo’  song. He wrote it, did vocals and produced it, then sold it to Musuuza,” Kasuku said.

However, Kenzo has dismissed Kasuku’s claims, insisting ‘Semyekozo’ is his project. He says Producer Ronnie just helped in producing it.

“Thank you for support Kasuku my brother but I wrote the song. I appreciate my brother Ronnie for helping me out,”  Kenzo said.

Kasuku could be having a gist in his claims because a sad Kenzo by then released ‘Semyekozo’ song after he returned from the USA following Rema’s separation news.

It should be remembered that Kenzo promised his followers on Facebook that we was going to release a song which he failed to do until when he came back to Uganda and released ‘Semyekozo’.