Mr Mosh Arrested, Spends Night In Jail

February 4, 2022
Mr Mosh

Mr Mosh

Celebrated media personality and Lord councillor Makindye East III, Mosh Ssendi aka Mr Mosh spent a night in jail after being arrested over illegal protest yesterday.

This was after Mr Mosh and other NUP councillors stormed the Kampala streets to re-open them up for hawkers after Kampala RCC Huddu Hussein embarked on the mission to clean the city.

Before storming the streets, Mosh took to his Facebook page and aired out his dismay seeing hawkers thrown out of streets, losing jobs in the process. He said they were going to re-open them up for business.

Mr Mosh at City hall with other NUP councillors before storming streets

10000 Ugandans have been thrown in jail, beaten up, merchandise stolen and families left to suffer all because the regime has refused to follow it’s own laws to let them work on specific streets, specific days and at a specific time without hindering the work of shop owners. Today as Council (the law making body of Kampala) have decided to go to the street and officially open those specific streets gazetted by law for hawkers.If all those people are rendered jobless, we are going to witness Kampala turn into a crime city.You mock them now, they’ll come into your houses and cars and take your money, life and children.Uganda yaffe fenna

Mosh posted.

The security operatives waited and harvested them upon storming the streets. As he was paraded at Central police station waiting to be locked up, Mosh informed his voters.

Mosh in a protesting T-shirt

Arrested for doing my duty. At CPS now, Mosh alerted his supporters.

This is the second time Mosh has been arrested in NUP activities. In December last year, Mosh was arrested in Kayunga during Harriet Nakwedde’s election.

Yesterday, NUP MPs headed by leader of opposition, Mathias Mpuga staged a sit-down strike at the entrance of the parliament protesting illegal arrests and torture.