May You Rot In Hell – Stella Nyanzi Celebrates Fr Simon Lokodo’s Death

January 31, 2022
Fr Simon Lokodo

Fr Simon Lokodo

Ugandan scholar, Dr Stella Nyanzi has celebrated the death of former Minister for Ethics and Integrity Fr Simon Lokodo.

Lokodo passed on Saturday morning in Geneva Switzerland.

Stella Nyanzi condemned Lokodo to rot in hell saying there is no sorrow in his demise.

During his time as minister, Lokodo championed the fight against homosexuality and the likes of Stella Nyazi tasted his wrath.

Lokodo also fought immorality and ordered women to stop wearing mini-skirts. He also championed the Anti-Pornography law in Uganda.

To Nyanzi, Lokodo oppressed the minority.

Stella Nyanzi (L) protesting against Lokodo’s policies


1. A Ugandan homophobe died today in Geneva.

I join Uganda’s homosexuals to celebrate his death.

Simon Lokodo, from your hatred we’re delivered.

Oh, how hard you campaigned to legalise queer death!

You joined Ssempa preaching hatred to believers.

You enforced Bahati’s homophia with such rage!

There is no sorrow for your demise.

May you rot in hell for your homophobia.

2. A Ugandan misogynist died today in Switzerland.

Uganda’s feminists will dance wildly in our mini-skirts.Lokodo, you shamed women’s bodies in the motherland.

Alas, how craftily you worked to penalise our exposed bodies!

You championed the Anti-Pornography law in Uganda.

You steered the policing of women’s sensuality and choice.

There is no sorrow for your departure.

May you rot in hell for your misogyny!

We shall dance on the graves of Museveni’s sycophants who oppressed us in the service of Musevenism! Aluta continua…

Stella Nyanzi