MC Kats finally allocates ex Faith

May 22, 2023

Legendary MC Kats has finally found his sick and struggling ex side chic Faith.

MC Kats and Faith were seeing each other in 2019 and it looks like by then MC Kats was still so much involved with baby mama Fille.

But he went ahead and cheated on her with Faith who is said to be a cousin to Fille. They even posted everything on social media the video of themselves in bed together.

Fille didn’t say anything about the situation but God has finally spoke for her. The situation of Faith is alarming.

After sleeping with MC Kats it’s like she got infected with HIV and hated herself, refused to take medication.

In her video, Faith looked unbothered by the way she is at the moment. The lady that had her figure looking good is now looking like she is going to for.

After the video was posted, MC Kats immediately posted asking for anyone who knows where she is to tell him.

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He said he doesn’t know how things happened but all in all he just wants to help her.

Before the day ended, MC Kats revealed that he finally got a hold of her and at the moment, she is in good hands.

“I got her bro she is in safe hands need a broadcast tho,” MC Kats posted