Campuser Does Kasabuni On Nakawa Hostel Balcony | PHOTOS

September 8, 2023
Kasabuni on Hostel balcony

Kasabuni on Hostel balcony

Campusers are still buzzing and shocked after a campuser took matters into his hands and did Kasabuni on a Hostel balcony – Nakawa.

While most hostelers were enjoying deep sleep, a one unidentified chap, stormed the balcony with his phone in his hands and started doing Kasabuni.

Check the photos below:

Some babes adjacent were woken up by noise from the unruly fella as he finished, and watched on in shock. The babes recorded the legendary moment and shared it online.

We have been told the chap is a fresher but our snoops are on ground to establish the truth and unmask the unruly champion.

Some campusers have criticised the chap while others supported him saying Uganda is a pearl of Africa.