Cindy Sanyu Attacks Sheebah Again, Asks Her To Respect Her Masters

March 20, 2024
Cindy (L), Sheebah (R)

Cindy (L), Sheebah (R)

The dancehall king Cindy Sanyu has attacked fellow singer Sheebah Kalungi once again.

She said she wants to teach her a lesson and let her know that respecting her master is something she should take seriously.

Cindy and Sheebah used to be best of friends but when they separated they became worst of enemies.

Last year they had a battle between themselves which was specifically music. But that didn’t stop them from bringing on their personal issues in to the battle.

At first people thought it was a stunt but according to Cindy Sanyu, there was nothing like a stunt between her and Sheebah.

She said she even took the battle personal because she felt disrespected by Sheebah someone she had helped get on to her feet.

According to Cindy, she wanted Sheebah to known that she is better than her in everything and she succeeded in that.

Sheebah Attacks Cindy Again, Revels Her Biggest Problem 

She revealed that she now feels like the king herself because of the battle that happened last year.

“My battle with Sheebah wasn’t a stunt infant me I took it personal remembering that I am the person that introduced her to the music industry. I am now more powerful because of what I did and she knows I am the king in the industry,” Cindy said