LUCKY CHAP! Rudeboy Extends Helping Hand To Weasel Manizo

February 13, 2020

Nigerian superstar Paul Okoye alias Rudeboy has offered offered his sympathies to Weasel Manizo over the death of Mowzey Radio and promised to help him with anything he wants.

Rudeboy says the first time he heard of the duo, he had gone to Rwanda to perform and during a radio interview the presenter played ‘Nakudata’.

He asked who were the artistes and presenter told him, They are a duo from Uganda. He immediately looked for Radio and Weasel contacts and invited them to Rwanda to perform together, unfortunately he never had chance to meet Mowzey Radio again.

The ‘Reason with me’ artiste further stated that before coming to Uganda, he called Weasel and offered to help him with anything that he wanted. To prove he was a big fan of the duo, Rudeboy sang some lines of ‘Nakudata’ though some words were not exact.

Click on the link to watch Rudeboy sing ‘Nakudata: