Liverpool should be awarded Premier League title – Bosnich

April 17, 2020

Liverpool should be awarded the Premier League title if the season cannot be completed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool had opened up a 25-point lead atop the table, winning 27 of 29 games, when the campaign was suspended last month.

It remains to be seen when, and if, the season will resume, leading to debate over what should happen if it cannot be completed.

Bosnich, who had two spells at United and also played for Chelsea and Aston Villa, believes Liverpool should be awarded a first league title since 1990.

“They should be awarded the title,” he told Stats Perform.

“There may be, deep in the by-rules of the Premier League that says maybe they don’t or whatever, but I think it’s only fair and only right that they’re awarded the title.

“Let’s all be frank, they weren’t going to be caught.”

However, Bosnich feels the bigger issues could be elsewhere if the seasons cannot be finished due to COVID-19, which has killed more than 145,500 people worldwide.

The former Australia international said there would be questions around the Champions League, relegation zone and even the Championship.

“The problems we’re going to have are not so much there. It will be the Champions League places and even more so the relegation zone. That is going to be a massive question that needs to be answered,” Bosnich said.

“Even for the teams from the Championship – what about Leeds [United] and West Brom?
There is going to be an almighty ruckus if the season is void. We’ve already seen that three or four weeks ago when [West Ham chief executive] Karren Brady suggested it.

“If they turn around now and say, ‘Liverpool, you are champions’ the rest of the teams in the top four are going to say they want to be in the Champions League.
If you say its null and void, the teams in the relegation zone will want to say they’re still in the Premier League next season.

“We could be in court for two next two years just about this season while the season’s going on. It’s one thing everyone has to bear in mind. You don’t want to be in court for years and years and years about a season that, which by the time the court decision comes, is memory anyway.

“It’s going to be a very difficult thing but they’ll have every type of contingency ready.”