Lil Pazo Lunabe Ships In Monster Land Cruiser V8 | PICTURES

September 7, 2020

‘Genda Ogule Emotoka’ hit singer, Yasin Mukasa aka Lil Pazo Lunabe has emulated Gravity Omutujju and shipped in monster Totota Land Cruiser V8 old model.

Lil Pazo’s DMC car burst into flames in March this year at Ssaza, Masaka road as they headed to Ibanda district for burial. Since then, he has been using Boda Bodas.

[irp posts=”10857″ name=”Gravity Omutujju Upgrades From Prado To Toyota Land Cruiser V8 | SEE PICTURES”]

With the lockdown still in place, many artistes have been evicted out of houses due to rent arrears but Lil Pazo had millions to splash on the V8 old model.

Today, he was spotted at car bond in Nakawa showing off his car registration number, UBH 726L.

We are yet to establish where Lil Pazo got the dime to splash on the car in this lockdown but close sources say he was paid off to stay out of race for Kooki MP seat in 2021 general elections.

Check pictures of Pazo’s new car below: