Lamenting Kick-Boxer, Golola Moses Quits NRM, Joins People Power

February 12, 2020

Kickboxing champion, Golola Moses has quit NRM and joined People power over empty promises.

Golola, a renown supporter of NRM party and president Museveni  announced the development on his Facebook page today.

He says the NRM government don’t care to support talented people and claims the power of his fans has made him proud to carry the Ugandan flag.

“In my country the stert government don’t care! to support great talented people ;
But the power of our fans mks us to be proud of our flag ⛳️ power people my power 🥊am proud to be Ugandan 🇺🇬😡😭for God an my country 🙏🏿”, Golola posted on social media.

Golola aspiring against president Museveni at a rally

During 2016 presidential elections, Golola Moses approached the president Museveni with an idea of constructing a Shs.3-bn kick-boxing academy in Kawempe and was promised help.

The president tasked his Principal Private Secretary, Miss Molly Kamukama to handle the pledge he had made towards the academy but she started dodging the motor mouthed kick boxer.

Four years gone, it seems Golola has finally given up and in retaliation, he has publicly announced joining the pressure group, ‘People Power’.

In December 2019, Harris International promised to build Golola a house and as we speak, it’s almost complete.