Jose Chameleone Tells Disrespectful Bebe Cool To Stop Producing Childish Songs, Gives Him Advise

February 12, 2020

Legendary Jose Chameleone says it’s high time his nemesis, Bebe Cool stopped producing childish songs and start singing sense.

Chamili branded Bebe’s songs, Kus Kus, Wire Wire, Dumpa Wine as childish songs and claims at his age he shouldn’t be singing such.

Chamili says his music has stood test of time and his fans can testify about the quality of songs he has been releasing.

Chamili with Bebe Cool

He claims Bebe Cool likes showing off and suffocating young artistes every time they try to come up and mentioned incidences of the late Mowzey Radio, King Saha, Pallaso.

Asked about Bebe’s generosity, Chamili says the time he has known Bebe, he is stingy but wants to show off after getting money from president Museveni.

Chamili says when you give, you don’t need to show the whole world.

About the battle, Chamili advised Bebe Cool to first battle the likes of King Saha.

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