Lady Mattie Harvested In Showers, Shows Ugandan Men What They Are Missing | VIDEO

May 23, 2023
Lady Mattie

Lady Mattie

Kenyan slay queen, Lady Mattie has left Ugandan men shaking their heads and over thinking after a pro photographer, Bash Mutumba shared her mouthwatering photos on Twitter.

Mattie, who is a true slay queen and not shy from showing off what God gave her, normally parades her most prized assets – the bubuzi.

She also trades her ‘akafubile’ clips online and with no doubt, she has skills.

Apart from Bash Mutumba’s pictures, Lady Mattie decided to show off her chau skills online.

In a clip from her twitter handle, Lady Mattie can be seen swallowing a soft pipe as the unknown guy harvested her in showers.


From her posts, Lady Mattie must be a model and together with a group of girls, take nekedi photos for survival.

We are yet to know whether she is a neko or do clips for public consumption.

We hear, she is planning to come to Uganda and cause mayhem. From what we know from Ugandan party animals, she will be harvested without mercy.