Joshua Baraka to bring a Grammy Award home

May 23, 2023

Upcoming and promising young musician Joshua Baraka has promised his fans that he will bring a Grammy Award home.

This came after he had a break through song that has got him to bigger stages in Uganda like Blackest and Wine.

There are some musicians in Uganda who have sang for so many years but have not got to bigger stages like Joshua Baraka.

But as young as he is, people have liked his talent. He started singing in Covid19 lockdown still at the University and after the media started looking for him.

Some people were not sure if he is going to make it the fact that he dies urban music, but fortunately he found his fans that understand him so much.

They have supported him to do better and right now he is dreaming about bringing the Grammy Award home.

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The only Ugandan musician who has got closer to the Grammy Award is Eddy Kenzo. Now Joshua Baraka thinks he is the next as he is determined to win it.

Another dream of Joshua Baraka is to become rich which comes as a result of hard working.

“I want to win a Grammy and become rich “ Singer Joshua Baraka discloses his dream