King Saha Accuses Zakayo Of Eating, Siring Child With Maid | VIDEO

August 25, 2022
King Saha

King Saha

The battle of words between Mansour Ssemanda aka King Saha and Gagamel Phamily Entertain boss, Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool is far from over.

King Saha started a war on Bebe Cool after the latter publicly snubbed him and asked fellow artists to vote for Cindy in the UMA elections that were postponed til further notice.

Bebe Cool

Bebe said a person like Saha who publicly admits taking weed is not a good example to head the music industry.

Saha hit back by capitalising on a song Zakayo, he had released sometimes back and flopped. The song Zakayo describes a jealous person who never wishes the best for others.

King Saha

From the bickering that was taking place between the pair, netizens described Zakayo as Bebe Cool. Hendrick Ssali, a son to Bebe Cool also hit back at Saha by dropping ‘Matayo’ and the war escalated.

Over the weekend while performing at the Rolex Festival at Cricket Oval – Lugogo, Saha again fired shots at Zakayo by making claims that he ate and sired a child with the house maid.

His statement saw the crowd burst into wild cheers as they chanted out his name loud.

However, He promised to tell the full story another day, leaving the fans thirsty for the rest of the controversial gist.

Watch video below: