King Michael Wants To Meet Museni Over Debts, Balaam Advises Him To Appreciate

January 19, 2020

The self proclaimed Dancehall king, Michael Mugwanya a.k.a King Michael wants to meet president Museveni over debts!

King Michael says money lenders want to sell off his property staked as security while borrowing dime to stage ‘The Best Of King Michael’ show that flopped at Freedom City in August 2019.

“Money lenders are going to take my house and car, I got a huge loan to organizing my concert, The Best Of King Michael which flopped”, King Michael said.

“Am crying to Balaam to take me to the president so that I can tell him my problems. The cows he gave me can’t even pay a half of the loan. He took Big Eye, I also want him to take me and meet him in person. I know the president can help me out”, He added.

Big Eye with Museveni

However, Balaan has come out and offered advise to King Michael to appreciate.

Balaam says the president gave Michael cows and should be contented with that insisting there are other Ugandans who also want help.

President Museveni gave King Michael and Big Eye 30 cows each and the pair have already received their gifts.

Balaam with King Michael