Kayz Dumps Galaxy FM’s Florah, Corners Workmate, Alaine Alya

August 9, 2022
Alaine Alya and Kayz

Alaine Alya and Kayz

NBS TV ‘UnCut’ gossipmonger, Kawalya Isaac aka Kayz is swimming in new waters after dumping Galaxy FM gossip presenter, Florah.

Kayz and Florah have been dating for almost a year but after milking all the gossip tips out of her, he dumped her like a hot potato. Kawalya and Florah connected due to the same job – gossip.


Now, insiders from Naguru view summit-based television station tipped us off that Kawalya is now closing in on workmate, Alaine Alya, a co-host of Music Taxi.

Alaine Alya has been a free agent but not anymore. We have been told that Kayz tight marks her and the pair are inseparable.

After Kizz Daniel performance at Cricket Oval Lugogo, Kawalya was not happy with Alaine Alya’s antics after she superglued on the ‘Buga’ hitmaker before whispering sweet words in his years.

Alaine Alya

Kayz and Alya are not the first workmates to try out dating, NTV investigative journalist, Raymond Mujuni wedded workmate, Ritah Kanya.

Since joining NBS TV, Kayz has made himself a name thanks to his controversial questions and nosy reporting.