Etania And Joshua Baraka Confirm Being Lovers

February 19, 2024

Media personality and Dejaay Etania Mutoni also known as Life of the party has confirmed her relationship with Joshua Baraka.

She said they are in love and she can’t see other men because they are trash for the things they did to her.

Etania is one of the people in the lime light that have struggled so much. She said she worked as a Prostitute at one point in Thailand without knowing.

Being in relationships with such background, men have always disrepected her and used her the way they want.

But last year she was very lucky to get the love of her life. She said her and Joshua Baraka started dating a few months ago

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Their relationship has grown so far and they are now the happiest celebrity couple that have been living a private life.

Etania said she has never been happy the way she is with Joshua Baraka as the love of her life.

“I actually found love after a long period of suffering. I am now the happiest lady around because my boyfriend treats me like a princess. Everyone should get a man like Joshua Baraka,” Etania said