Kalifah Aganaga Shows Off Multi-Million Apartments | PHOTOS

May 6, 2022
Kalifah Aganaga

Kalifah Aganaga

Singer, Mukiibi Sadat aka Kalifah Aganaga is back to his feet and currently constructing apartments after two years of Covid-19 grassing.

Covid-19 hit the industry hard and at one point, Aganaga pleaded with Gen. Salim Saleh to bail him out in vain.

Blessed with singing and writing talent, when the government opened up the economy, Aganaga went back to his normal business and now reaping big from music.

Kalifah Aganaga

He embarked on construction and the apartment is on the ground floor.

In January 2021, Aganaga was kicked out the house over rent arrears. It is said that the landlady in Kabusu gave Kalifah a grace period to clear his arrears having slept in the house for over 7 months all in vain.

In September 2021, Aganaga went public and pleaded with Gen Salim Saleh to rescue his house after undisclosed bank attempted to sell his house over uncleared loan.

Now he is back to his feet and has erected the ground floor pending finishing.

Kalifah Aganaga’s apartments