Carol Nantongo Dumps Daggy Nyce, Parades New Bae

May 7, 2022
Daddy Nyce and Carol Nantongo

Daddy Nyce and Carol Nantongo

Former Golden Band singer, Carol Nantongo has found new love and as we speak NTV presenter, Suubi Douglas aka Daggy Nyce is history.

After months of playing hide and seek, Daggy Nyce finally admitted he was in love with Nantongo. He made a revelation during her birthday in November last year.

Daddy Nyce and Carol Nantongo

I choose you over so many & I choose you over so many things, You have taught me a new kind & art of Patience, Love & Kindness. I love the person i am when am with you & that is something I pray for to last for as long as life allows Today is your day, I choose for u, I choose wins for u, I choose blessings for u & above all, I choose 100 more years of the gift of life for YOU – Happy birthday darling @carol_nantongo with heaps of LOVE 

Daggy Nyce’s birthday message to Carol Nantongo

As we all know Daddy’s pockets don’t weigh good enough, Carol mercilessly dumped him. As an artiste she lives an expensive lifestyle which Daddy Nyce could not facilitate, so she huted for a new sponsor.

Earlier this week, we received a tip that Nantongo is dating another fella. One of the bloggers managed to land on a video and posted it on social media.

In the video, Carol Nantongo and new bae look so deeply in love.

Watch video:

Our snoops have already hit the field to unearth the details about this fella and we shall unmask him soon.

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