Kalifah Aganaga Opens Police Case Against Comedian, Patrick Salvado

February 22, 2020

Kalifah Aganaga

The feud between Kalifah Aganaga and comedian Patrick Salvado has escalated.

Kalifah accuses Salvado of conniving with a social media manager and disappeared with his social media channel passwords.

Aganaga approached Salvado and linked him with Brand Empire- a small company that handles social media campaigns and other digital marketing procedures for a couple of celebrities across East Africa.

Patrick Salvado

Aganaga wanted his Facebook and Instagram accounts verified and a cost of $1000 was agreed. After the pages were verified, it is said that Aganaga failed to pay which prompted Brand Empire to change his passwords.

Reportedly, Kalifah had agreed to pay 30% of the revenues collected from his YouTube channel if the monetization process was executed properly. This too was agreed upon in a gentleman’s agreement the two parties held in 2019.

Of all the above agreed payments, Kalifah Aganaga only managed to pay Shs 270,000 (about USD 73.5) and according to a source inside Brand Empire, the singer declined paying the rest of the money.

Now Aganana says Brand Empire is chewing his dime claiming he used to earn Shs.600,000 a month from his You Tube Channel.

He claims Brand Empire paid him 570,000 and 580,000 in the first two months which they shared and after disappeared before changing his passwords.

Efforts to get them has proved futile and Agaganaga claims it is now 5 months since he last received a penny.

In efforts to get Brand Empire, Aganaga reported opened a case against Salvado who recommended him to Brand Empire at Lungujja Police station and was given warrant of arrest after the police summoned the man from Ombokolo and failed to appear.

Aganaga has now embarked on organising his fans to snub Salvado’s ‘Just Comedy’ show in order to force him produce the guy from Brand Empire.