Clever J Squeezed, Told To Go On His knees And Apologise After Visiting Jose Chameleone’s Parents – WATCH VIDEO

February 22, 2020

Singer George Muwonge musically known as Clever J, yesterday was squeezed and reduced to jigger size by Jose Chameleone’s mum.

Clever J carried jackfruit and other valuables and went to Mayanja’s family on a visit after 15 years of no show.

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Clever J who is a son to Mayanja’s brother, was raised by Mayanja’s family but after producing ‘Manzi Wa Nani’ song, he fled and vowed never to return. He also started disassociating with whoever was connected to the Mayanja’s family.

Chameleone’s mum also recalled the day Clever J met her in Kawempe during  days of ‘Manzi Wa Nani’ and refused to greet her.

Upon reaching, Clever J was welcomed and greeted by Mzee Mayanja and offered a seat.

Then the squeezing started, Clever J who was relaxing in a seat was told to kneel down and apologise to mzee Mayanja for disassociating with them for 15 years.

Mzee didn’t take long and forgave Clever J, but the problem came when he tried to apologise to Jose Chameleone’s mum!

She interrogated Clever J and demanded to know why he isolated himself from them after suffering to raise him. It took hours for Mzee Mayanja and other men that had escorted Clever J to convince her to forgive the ‘Ensi Yaleta’ hitmaker.

Luckily enough, Clever J was forgiven and received blessings from the parents.

Click on the link below to watch the video of Clever J being squeezed:


Clever J kneeing and handing over stuff to Jose Chameleone’s mum


Clever J handing goodies to Chameleone’s dad