Juliet Zawedde, Hubby, Aurelien In Bitter Split | AUDIO

November 25, 2022
Zawedde and ex-hubby, Guiembert Aurelien

Zawedde and ex-hubby, Guiembert Aurelien

Boston-based Socialite, Juliet Zawedde and Jamaican-born hubby, Guiembert Aurelien have parted ways according to UK-based blogger, Ritah Kaggwa.

In an audio shared by Ritah Kaggwa, Guiembert Aurelien can be heard in a phone call with one lady who claims Zawedde chewed her man.

Zawedde and Aurelien have been married for over 10 years and have two children together.

Juliet Zawedde introduced Guiembert Aurelien 12 years ago

From the conversation, Aurelien said he packed is belongings and left when Zawedde was not around. When she returned home, she was in shock and started calling him but he ignored her phone calls.

He says that’s the best thing he had to do, labeling the relationship he was in with Zawedde as toxic.

After dumping her, Aurelien says Zawedde blocked him from receiving money from the business, yet he was the one pushing it.

He revealed that he decided to cut himself off from Zawedde completely and talks to his kids via Zoom.

Rita Kaggwa’s post:

Jamaican born Mr. Guiembert Aurelien has vowed never to go back to Julie Zawedde with whom he has spent years building a relationship and business.

He was spilling beans to a lady whose man (Jonah Otim Kerum) Julie allegedly also sleeps with, alongside a string of other men that include Sportsmen and musicians (names withheld).

The now moved on husband to Julie decided to relocate to a state where she will never reach out to him.

Apparently Julie is the chief financier of all her men she beds, having cut off Mr. Guiembert from receiving any money from a business they had built together.