Joshua Baraka slams Ugandan music industry, calls it shapeless

March 21, 2023

Upcoming uptown artiste Joshua Baraka has slammed Ugandan music industry saying it is shapeless at the moment.

Joshua Baraka is a young artiste who has rose to fame with her English songs. In Ugandan the urban music rarely goes viral because people are used to the local content.

But for Joshua he was fortunate in that after some small hustle he broke through the industry.

In a recent interview, he was asked about Ugandan music industry and his response was quiet intriguing.

According to Joshua Baraka, the music industry is shapeless, it doesn’t have a system and that’s why it is hard for artiste to make it to the top of their careers.

He said artistes in Uganda don’t have a target audience, they just sing and people who like their music will be able to support them when they get into concerts.

Joshua Baraka revealed that people are received defferently in the industry and everyone has a personal good and bad experience.

“Uganda’s music industry is very shapeless. People don’t have the type of music they like so everyone that comes sings anything they find. The one that gets a chance goes through and others take longer to even break through. There is no system in the music industry so everyone approaches it in their own way,” Joshua Baraka said

It should be noted that Joshua Baraka is one of the youngest artistes we have in Uganda.