Chozen Blood takes his situation with Winnie Nwagi in studio (SAMUWAAKO’)

March 22, 2023

Singer Chozen Blood is not letting Abt situation get in his way. He has decided to take his situation with Winnie Nwagi and alleged boyfriend in studio.

Having been close friends for so many years, last week Chozen Blood was threatened in a phone call to leave Winnie Nwagi alone.

A phone call was alleged from Winnie Nwagi’s boyfriend who didn’t reveal his name to Chozen Blood but threw some threats to him.

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This guy told Chozen Blood that he has been investing so much in Winnie Nwagi and he doesn’t expect her to be sleeping with any other man besides him.

Chozen Blood who said is just a mere friend to Winnie Nwagi laughed at the guy and when he released the audio in the media people concluded it is a stunt.

Having seen people die in that situation, Chozen Blood is not letting anything slide. He has hit studios to do a song about the situation.

He said so many Ugandan artistes have died and people have not knowing the persons that killed them.

Now with this, he is in studios doing a song titled ‘Samuwaako’ so that when he dies people can know he died without doing anything wrong.

“W’ve witnessed Ugandan artists passing on mysteriously, thinking of the recent phone call threats, my voice is my weapon am in studio recording SAMUWAAKOmuli bagamba yafiira bwereere 🤷🏿‍♂️,” Chozen Blood tweeted.

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