Jose Chameleone, Sipapa Re-Unite And Sting Balaam Following URA Betrayal – WATCH VIDEO

April 24, 2020

In march 2017, Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone bitterly fell out with music promoter, Charles Olim alias Sipapa over his wife, Daniella Atim.

The ‘Baliwa’ singer accused Sipapa of trying to break up his family.

According to media reports, it all started after Chameleone and Sipapa started dating the same woman. The two are said to have clashed over an unidentified campus girl, with neither willing to give up on her.

This infuriated Sipapa, and after attempts to resolve their issues amicably hit a dead end, he decided to involve the singer’s wife.

This angered Daniella to an extent of filing for Divorce but later dropped it after Chameleone’s plea and apology.

Since then Sipapa and Chameleone could not see eye to eye but after promoter Balaam’s leaked audio, the pair re-united.

Sipapa and Balaam

Balaam was involved in Chameleone’s car saga when URA impounded it and  again he was overheard in leaked audios tipping off URA officials to go to Sipapa’s home claiming the promoter doesn’t pay tax owing to the fact that his cars have no number plates.

This acted as a uniting factor and yesterday, Sipapa drove to Chameleone’s home in Seguku and Balaam’s name was hinted on as the ‘Bayuda’ singer did rehearsals.

Watch the video below: