A Pass Warns NBS TV News Anchor, Sheilah Nduhukire Not To Trust Ykee Benda

April 24, 2020

After trying ‘NTV The Beat’ co-presenter, Lynda Ddane and struggling comedian, Martha Kay and failed to succeed, Ykee Benda turned his attention to nail NBS TV news anchor, Sheilah Nduhukire.

Yesterday, Nduhukire was celebrating her birthday and Ykee Benda posted her photo on Twitter, as usual the spoiler, A Pass ran and commented, warning the NBS TV scribe to be careful.

A Pass warned Nduhukire that he knows Ykee Benda very well and from his personal experience, she will end in tears.

“My Friend, it will end in tears and I tell you this from personal experience”, A Pass commented on Ykee Benda’s post.

It should be noted that it was the spoiler, A Pass who interfered and frustrated Ykee Benda’s effort to get Martha Kay.