Jose Chameleone Reveals Why He Hasn’t Donated To The Covid-19 Task Force, Blasts Balaam For Despising Artistes

May 11, 2020

As Ugandans continue to feel the pinch of the mandatory Covid-19 lockdown, some well wishers have come out and donated food and other items to help those in need.

Some artistes have also joined the cause and donated but Jose Chameleone’s name hasn’t featured anywhere and some people who have supported him in his music journey have started criticizing him.

According to Chameleone, no one is going to put him on pressure to donate.


“Some people used to say I am broke. Now they are calling me out to donate. What do they expect from a broke person?” he asks

Chameleone says he will come through when he feels the time is right for him.

“I am not pushed by bandwagon. I will give when I am ready”,  he explains.

He also condemns Balaam Barugahara for making musicians look poor.

“Balaam asked people to donate to musicians. Why does he want to kill the respect people have for us? We are not badly off like he wants people to the believe. If we can afford the big cars, do we really need help?” he asks.