John Blaq Issues 2-Day Ultimatum To Former Managers To Hand Over His Social Media Accounts

May 24, 2020

Singer John Kasadha aka John Blaq has issued a 24-hour ultimatum to his former managers; Norman Kitti and Keneth Kalobe to handover his social media accounts.

In 2018, John Blaq approached his cousins; Norman Kitti and Kalobe Kenneth (certified auditors) and asked them to invest in him musically.

Norman, Kenneth and Kasadha (John Blaq) are relatives and come from Lwanda, a village after Mafubira in Jinja on Kamuli Road.

Being related, Kenneth and Norman agreed to venture into music, started Black Magic Records and helped John Blaq but on a gentleman’s agreement.




John Blaq with his managers Norman Kitti & Kenneth Kalobe

They opened social media handles and YouTube account but kept the login details.

And since then John Blaq became a star releasing hit after hit, video after video and made Ugandans forget about Fik Fameica.

As stardom got into his head, John Blaq started disrespecting his managers and started isolating himself from them.

Trouble started when John Blaq started dating a certain radio presenter in Ntinda. The lady told John Blaq that he had taken over the Ugandan market and need to go International.

The lady convinced him to ditch Black Magic Records and promised to take him an International star like Wizkid.




John Blaq told Back Magic he was done with them and demanded his social media logins but Black Magic Records told him, the accounts belong to them.

Black Magic Records changed John Blaq’s social media accounts and YouTube to ‘Black Magic Records’. Facebook page is hard to change the name, but have managed to change the profile picture and replaced it with Black Magic Records logo.

John Blaq involved lawyers to secure social media accounts and has given Black Magic records 24-hours to hand over; YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Distrokid.

“Whereas it is within your knowledge that we have had a fruitful friendship from the onset of my music career as an artist to date, knowingly that you have at the same time been having control and access to my social media accounts. This letter services as a dissolution of the access you have been having to the accounts or any other accounts incidental to my dealings as an artist. I therefore implore you to refrain from any access from this date, as well as cease any dealings in regards to the same, hand over my logins within two days”, Letter reads.