Sheilah Gashumba speaks about her trending photos

March 27, 2024

Media personality and socialite Sheilah Gashumba has spoken about her trending photos.

She said she has confused that some people don’t know the types of good knickers that ladies like her usually put on.

Sheilah Gashumba has been trending because of the photos that show off almost all her body parts including the parts that are not supposed to be seen by anyone.

According to Sheilah Gashumba, she was fully dressed just that some people are not updated like she is.

She said she wonders what type of knickers other ladies put on because in her life she has been putting on the same knicker seen in the photo.

The little stunner revealed that she has no problem with showing off her body after all she is has one of the best bodies in the industry.

“Naye nga what type of knickers do your wives, side chics or girlfriends wear; it’s like some of you have never seen a Gstring, thong or chain-gstring before!! Tubelebakakamu ba dear,” Sheilah Gashumba said

It should be noted that Sheilah Gashumba’s private photos were posted on social media and she didn’t do anything about it.