It was a Vitz – Vivian Tendo on why she rejected ex boyfriend gift

May 2, 2023

Singer Vivian Tendo has revealed a reason why she rejected her ex boyfriends gift last year which was a car.

This gift came after Vivian Tendo graduated from the University and she had also left her management which found her talent.

It was being said that Vivian Tendo left her management to just focus on the boyfriend who was managing her by then.

That boyfriend was Wakiso Giants boss Musa Atagenda who was also also dating singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi.

At first Vivian Tendo said she had bought a car herself but later admitted it was from her boyfriend after she took it back.

The rumor that was going around was that the car was being gifted different women and taken away from them after breaking up.

According to Vivian Tendo, that wasn’t the reason on her case. She just rejected it because it was cheap and it was a Vitz.

She said her brand can’t drive a Vitz and she doesn’t think it was inappropriate for her to even accept it

“Emotoka Vitz sijagala…,” Vivian Tendo explains why she rejected her Ex Boyfriend’s gift

It should be noted that Vivian Tendo is now engaged to the man of her dreams and their relationship is not that much in the media.

The man himself is not in the entertainment industry he is a businessman focusing on helping the less previledged.