Bebe Cool, King Saha Finally Meet As Kenzo Acting As Mediator BUT— | VIDEO

May 2, 2023
King Saha (L), Bebe Cool (R)

King Saha (L), Bebe Cool (R)

Bebe Cool and King Saha finally met courtesy of Eddy Kenzo following years bickering but their issues are far from over.

The beef was reignited in April 2022 after Bebe Cool trashed King Saha’s bid for Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) presidency arguing that he smokes weed.

King Saha

A person who goes on live television and says i smoke weed what image is he bringing to the association?. We need a leader who will lead by example, young musicians think that smoking weed help, if you have a leader like King Saha, how will the industry look like

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

King Saha real name, Manisul Ssemanda hit back and unearthed the source of the beef.

In an interview with journalists, King Saha disclosed that he worked for Bebe Cool and refused to pay him and that’s the reason as to why he beefs the ‘Kasepiki’ singer.

Saha branded Bebe Cool the worst person on earth, who is jealous. He belittled Bebe that he gets things for free from the ruling party (NRM) before stinging him that Bobi Wine bought him stuff he took when he was going to visit Zuena’s parents.

Saha did not stop there, he released a song ‘Zakayo’ attacking Bebe and also continuously blasted him in interviews.

Following years of bickering, critics came to terms and told Saha to stop attacking Bebe, saying enough is enough.

Eddy Kenzo

On the day Jose Chameleone had a birthday last week, Eddy Kenzo called Saha that he wanted to meet him. Kenzo told ‘Mulirwana’ singer that he had Bebe.

On reaching, Saha says he greeted them and had a chat. However, he did not stay for long and left for Jose Chameleone’s birthday.

In a phone call with kasuku, King Saha insisted his issues with Bebe are far from over which left netizens asking themselves what the Gagamel Phamily CEO did to him.

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