Is he straight or? Swangz Avenue’s Elijah Kitaka opens up about His sexuality

October 30, 2023

Swangz Avenue recent signee Elijah Kitaka has come out to talk about her personal life which including his sexuality.

He said he is a straight man (loves only women) and he doesn’t understand why people judge him by his looks just.

Elijah Kitaka was signed on to Swangz Avenue this year. When he releases his first song, he moved to different media houses to promote his songs.

But ever since he showed off his image, he has been judged by different people.

The singer usually puts on shorts and lady like t shirts. On top of that, be ours on so many jewelry.

According to Elijah Kitaka, the reason for all that is to promote fashion and culture. Nothing more to that although people think other wise.

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The singer said he is an African man ego is so much traditional meaning dating a girl and marriage will be part of his life.

“I don’t know what I will say to people who doubt my sexuality. All these I put on are just for fashion nothing else. I put in these a jewelry and accessories to promote African culture nothing more to that. I am a straight man”