Is Azawi really pregnant? Here is the truth

March 15, 2023

Swangz Avenue Azawi real name Zawedde Priscilla is said to be pregnant and expecting her first child.

The rumor was making rounds on social media for a few days now and fans don’t know the truth about the pregnancy rumor.

Azawi joined the music industry in 2019 and for the years she has been in the industry, she has never gone silent musically like the way she has been for a few months.

She was last heard actively involved in music during her maiden concert last year and after that she went silent.

Recently she has been posting half photos only showing her upper party giving fans a reason to say she is pregnant.

However, the truth was revealed by her manager in a recent interview who got surprised by people’s words about Azawi’s pregnancy.

She said she knows nothing about it and she has heard Azawi saying she us pregnant. The fact that she is quite doesn’t mean she is pregnant. She also takes breaks like any other artistel to focus on her personal life.

“I am surprised by people saying Azawi is pregnant. I don’t know why they are saying that although all I can say is that’s a lie,” Her manager Taylor said

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