My pregnancy happened as miracle – Karole Kasita

March 15, 2023

Singer Karole Kasita has revealed how she got pregnant with her first child whom she gave birth to a months ago.

Karole Kasita’s pregnancy was never a secret because she kept on appearing in public and performing on stages until her last month of the pregnancy.

She even had a public baby shower that was thrown to her by her close celebrity friends and her family members.

But fans have been wondering how Karole Kasita got pregnant yet she had promised her fans that she is so focused on music and not looking at pregnancy any time soon.

In a recent interview, Karole Kasita said it all. She revealed how the pregnancy was a miracle because it wasn’t planned for.

According to talented Karole Kasita, she got pregnant on her birthday. She was trying to be happy because she rarely gets time for sex and the moment she did it, she got pregnant.

She said that is the reason her son is called King because the way he was conceived wasn’t ordinary.

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“My pregnancy was a miracle because I didn’t plan for it. I got pregnant on my birthday trying to be happy and have a beautiful day but now I have King out of it. I am proud to be a mother and I don’t take it for granted,” Karole Kasita said