Impatient TikTokers Chew Themselves During Live Broadcast | VIDEO

February 10, 2023


Internet is buzzing after impatient TikTokers decided to entertain followers with free sekisi match during live broadcast.

This is not the first time similar stuff has happened on social media, last year, Kenyans also did the same but this time around during Facebook live broadcast.

As the babe was busy on TikTok live, the boyfriend who happened to be in the same house started disturbing her.

In the process, the impatient guy who seemed drunk went straight onto the game as the girlfriend asked him to stop the antics.

In the end, the camera was left on its own to record the bedminton match.

After the antics, the couple has come out to deny any wrong doing and insisted they were just entertaining their followers.

The guy went on to argue that the live broadcast happened at 2am and questioned the motive of the jealous person who shared it on social media.