If you don’t pay for child support don’t ask for a DNA – Don Zella hits at poor men

July 4, 2023

Socialite and big spender Sheilah Nalongo Don Zella has hit at poor Ugandan men saying they shouldn’t ask for DNA.

She revealed that the only men who deserve DNA are those that pay child support and also look after their children.

Don Zella might be hitting at her baby daddy Big Eye Starboss directly because she has accused him on numerous occasions for not looking after the child.

Years ago, she even denied him access to the child not until this year when she brought their son for holidays and allowed him to have a one on one time together.

It is even obvious because Don Zella and Big Eye’s son carries the name of her late husband Junteen who was a father figure in his life.

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Now that the DNA stories are making rounds on social media, Don Zella has got another chance to raise her voice over men that don’t take the initiative to look after their children.

She said men should let women take children to richer men in order to secure their future.

“If you don’t pay for child support don’t ask for a DNA 🧬 test only men who pay child support deserve a DNA 🧬 SIMUBUBI omwana mugaba wa mugagga securing there future,” Don Zella posted