I wanted UNMF leadership – John Blaq

July 14, 2023
John Blaq with Chris Evans

John Blaq with Chris Evans

Singer Kasaada John also known as John Blaq has revealed that he wanted to be a leader under the newly formed federation Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

This federation was unveiled in May and by the time the public got to know about it, leaders were already voted.

Unfinished some musicians like John Blaq also got to know about the federation with the public so he didn’t get a chance to vote any leader or even contest.

He is one of the people who has revealed that he doesn’t believe in the Federation and he doesn’t think their intentions are pure.

John Blaq said as a young musician, if the intentions of the Federation were real, they would have contacted him because he adds a lot to the younger generation of musicians.

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He said he is very sorry to expect a lot after all as young as he is he will have to wait and see what his elders bring to him and he will probably move with that.

“I wanted to be a leader also in the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). If these people say it is formed to help the young musicians, I am one of them and since they didn’t contact me I don’t think they mean what they say,” John Blaq said