Vanessa Vanny To Introduce Lwasa | She Left Ziza Bafana, John Blaq Heartbroken

September 28, 2022
Vanessa Vanny and Lwasa

Vanessa Vanny and Lwasa

Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi is set to officially visit Vanessa Vanny’s parents in Mbarara and preparations are in high gear.

After successfully conniving with his children and chasing Angel Kwakunda in his Bulaga Home on Mityana Road, Lwasa told journalists that he will be introduced by new bae on October 29.

Many people have been asking themselves who is this determined babe that is willing to settle with Lwasa.

Finally, pictures of Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny leaked on the internet.

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Who is Vanessa Vanny?

Vanessa Vanny is Ziza Bafana’s baby mama.

In an interview, Vanessa revealed that she met Ziza Bafana in Bakuli, a Kampala suburb and asked her to feature in his video of the song he sang with Eddy Kenzo and David Lutalo.

After the video shoot, Bafana asked her out and started dating. Their relationship bore a kid.

Vanessa claims her family forced her to dump Bafana because they never wanted her to date a singer.

Vanessa Vanny

After dumping Bafana, she started dating John Blaq. The self proclaimed ‘African Bwoy’ loved Vanessa to the extent of mentioning her name in the song ‘Do Dat’.

Vanessa said she met John Blaq at a function in Lugongo and took her number. They later met and kicked off relationship.

All was going smooth until she caught John Blaq cheating and dumped him like a hot potato.

Having dated artists, In September 2020, Vanessa tried a career in singing but flopped.

She has now settled with Lwasa. We hear Lwasa has already shipped in a car he will gift her on the introduction.

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