I want to make peace with RickMan – Grenade Official

February 8, 2024

Singer Grenade Official has begged to make peace with fellow singer Rickman Manrick after a fight in the bar that happened last year.

Grenade and Rickman were once friends but when Sheilah Gashumba came into the picture they got misunderstandings.

They all claimed to have dated Sheilah as Grenade said it happened years ago while Rickman is the current boyfriend.

Sheilah denied ever dating Grenade but he took it personal and attacked Rickman Manrick for that reason.

He found him at the bar and threw a glass on his face which left him with a cut on his mouth that has turned into a scar that will stay forever.

According to Grenade Official, he was so drunk and he feels very stupid that he did a bad thing to one of his friends.

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The singer said he is determined to look for Rickman and see how it is going to be. But since he is still with Sheilah Gashumba it I’d not clear if he will be able to forgive him.

“I want to make peace with Rickman Manrick what I did to him was very bad. I hope he forgive me but I will do my best,” Grenade Official said