Dr Cephco And Mickey Seems Too Funny Arrested After Public Fight

February 9, 2024
Dr. Cephco was remanded to Kitalya

Dr. Cephco was remanded to Kitalya

Famous Tiktokers Dr Cephco and Mickey Seems Too funny have been arrested today after they publically attacked each other.

These two started during a press conference where they are abusing each other even in front of the media.

Those that were in attendance just kept on laughing at these Tiktokers as if they were just joking.

Things took a turn to the worse when the press conference ended. Mickey Seems Too funny attacked Dr Cephco in his car.

He was also ready for the fight jumping out of the car like he was prepared. Fortunately there was police which took them in immediately for questioning.

I want to make peace with RickMan – Grenade Official

Dr Cephco and Mickey Seems Too funny started their beef on Tiktok. They were all attacking each other and threatening to even physically attacks each other when they meet.

Today they proved it right that whatever they were saying during their Tiktok lives they mean it in real life.

All of them haven’t been that much trending these days and now with their fight in the eyes of the media they are trending again.